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Welcome to my website,

I created Smart Nutrition Health to help you find some true information about Nutrition. There are so many misunderstood informations on the internet that it is hard to know which are true. Here you will find information based on articles supported by the science where I will explain it in simple and easier way. I want to help you to understand how important is to be on a healthy diet and match food improving your life quality.

Eating on a healthy diet has shown to prevent and fight against a lot of diseases, loose weight, gain weight, etc. We are all different, we share different DNA that can compromise our eating habits and the diet.

I always say it is very important to understand how our body works, how it react to an specific food or a different work-out. Sometimes it is hard to get it, but when you are able to understand your own body, it gets easier to take the right choice. Our DNA has influence on everything us, your personality, diet, blood type, etc.

Prior to start applying my advices you must consult a Doctor or a Dietician.

My intention on Smart Nutrition Health is to give you some support by providing you the best sources and ways to get the appropriate nutrients that your body needs.